Complimentary Consultation

A Complimentary Consultation is provided.
During this time I will complete a patch test as well as discuss and answer any enquires you may have to ensure you fully understand the Cosmetic Tattooing process in addition to stenciling a shape that best suits you.

(Eyebrow & Eyeliner prices include 1 touch up session required)


Crafted individual hair strokes customly woven to create beautiful natural looking brows.


Combination Brows

A combination of Microblading & Powder Brow Technique.


Powder Brow Technique

Ideal for people who regularly use pencils or powder to colour in there brows.


Eye Liner Tattooing

Permanent Eye Liner enhances your natural eye colouring adding depth and definition as well as making your eyes stand out.

Upper Eye Liner
Lower Eye Liner
Upper & Lower Eye Liner Package

(Lip Prices include 2 touch ups required).

Lip Liner

An ultra fine crisp boarder is drawn to contour define and shape the lips.


Lip Line & Blend

A fine crisp boarder is drawn to define the outlining of the lips. Completed by softly blending through the colour to the natural lip.


Full Lip Shade

A fine crisp boarder defining the outlining of the lips.​
Completed by shading through the full lip creating a full lip stick look.


Beauty Mark

A beauty spot above the lip or on the cheek


Complimentary Retouch / Perfection Visit

All of the above cosmetic tattoo procedures include a free of charge perfecting session which must be taken between 4 & 6 weeks of the initial procedure.

Any additional work undertaken at your re-touch, (which deviates from the original cosmetic tattoo procedure), may incur an extra cost (eg. Colour and shape changes etc).

Unless agreed by prior arrangement, appointments made after this time will be chargeable at the colour maintenance rates.


4-6 weeks 1st touch up complimentary

Colour Maintenance

The longevity of your enhancement depends on factors such as chosen colour, skin type, medications, sun and UV exposure and the rate at which your skin naturally renews and regenerates. A color boost is recommend approximately every 12 to 18 months to keep your enhancement looking fresh, vibrant and beautiful!

Retouch 12-14 months $195

Retouch 15-22 months - $250

*For existing customers only*  After 24 months procedures are full price.

Payment Methods

Cash, Electronic Bank Transfer, EFTPOS, Visa & MasterCard are accepted methods of payment.

“Please note a $50 deposit is required with all bookings “